How to invest in yourself as a leader

In the world of today, leadership is no longer linked to function titles, it is about you as a person. 
You need to bring more to the table if your function implies that you lead. If you want people to follow you, you need high self and situational awareness and a broad range of well developed soft skills to be your best and to bring the best out of the people you lead. If your function title doesn't imply that you lead, you still need to. In our fast paced world, you can no longer afford to wait for someone to tell you what to do. Your job - not matter your function title - is first and foremost to lead yourself. Therefore, leadership coaching is valuable for everyone, as everyone is a leader or needs to be. 

Executive  coaching

It can feel very lonely at the top. You made it into a role with big responsibilities and high accountability. There is very little time to enjoy and celebrate. You notice that people treat you differently. You need to master both thought and people leadership, keep pace, be decisive, know what you are doing at all times and control or set aside your own emotions. You didn't get this far to just get this far. Another way to look at your (new) position: it doesn't define you, you define the role, you decide on your legacy. It is your journey and it needs to be a win-win in order for you to give and be your best. Make sure you take the time and create the space to give yourself what you need. Take care of the human behind the leader. Able to combine different types of coaching and having experience as an executive myself, I can be your counterpart in both content related as well as (inter)personal topics to support you in your leadership journey. Business transformation is always personal, it should be about you.

You & others coaching

We all bring our experiences, patterns and assumptions into the workplace and everywhere else we go. And we interact. Interacting requires us to display high self and situational awareness to get the best out of relationships with others. No one can be successful on their own. Not in life, not in business.
You can't change others, but you can make conscious choices in your interaction with others. Conscious choices are supported by exploring questions, triggers, alternative views, emotions and also experimenting new approaches. If you get triggered by the behaviour of someone else, what does this tell you about you. What is yours and what belongs to the other person? Can you just observe your own emotions without letting them take over control? How can you adopt a senior mindset at all times? There is always something to gain if you invest the time to understand yourself and others better. You allow yourself to become the best you in every interaction. 

Mindset & actions coaching

Your mindset is the driver of the actions you take and not take. It will determine your path and how you look at your own choices. It is not a unresolved mystery, it is your truth to be uncovered. It is the narrative you tell yourself, which often has become an unconscious pattern that is repeated. Shining light on unconscious behaviour, assumptions and emotions allows you to make choices. Reflecting on the drivers of your past choices is a great starting point to increase consciousness in deciding on your future choices. Getting to know yourself better is the best investment in yourself for today and tomorrow. Learning about yourself is never done. No matter your age, your seniority, your past or desired future, there is a lot to gain if you explore your own icebergs, related assumptions and belief systems. Going beyond and growing forward requires you to stand still and dive deep in your unconscious mind. Together we explore the story you tell yourself, and change it if you choose. 

Career choice & next step coaching

Your career will consist of many learnings. That is the true benefit of a career path. There are no right or wrong paths. However, there are paths that get you to learn faster. Making the choice to move and take a next step is all you need. Let it be based on a good understanding on what it takes. An approach to take is: think big, start small and focus on learnings. Repeat everyday. What is it that you want to develop next? What are you known and unknown strengths? Is it your mindset that makes you question your path? Is it your relationship with others and is there something to improve in the now? Where can you develop and how does that help you towards your north star? If not, why bother. Having your north star clear can guide you on your path. Even if you don't have your north star crystal clear, there is always a next step. Maybe you are keeping the dream alive at the expense of losing it to reality. Your career path will be the sum of every learning you gain. It always deserves a next step. 

Coaching for clarity - your personal leadership journey

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The importance of congruence for action 
Living in congruence is about taking actions and making decisions which are in tune and aligned with your head, heart and gut (‘the 3 brains’). 

Unlocking a person's potential requires clarity, then action. 
Coaching for clarity works towards three outcomes: 
1. Congruence – Being internally aligned in the now & showing up authentically 
2. Clarity – Being clear on your aspired future and what that is asking of you 
3. Action – Taking steps to align experience with authentic aspiration 
It is a focused journey in which you will learn tools for life. 

How does it work? 

Coaching can happen at every location where you can create space to explore your own thoughts and emotions. Coaching is not something you plan between two business meetings. You need time to let go of your mind chatter and after the session you need time to digest, in order to integrate it in your way forward. Ideally coaching happens in a place where you are not distracted by your day-to-day activities. If such time and space is not readily available for you, there is always the outdoors. Walking provides your mind with clarity as you are busy moving your body forward.