Want to learn and grow through reflection and action?


Transformation design & execution. 

Leadership & team coaching. 

A transformation is about embracing change as the only constant. Think big, start small, grow fast. It requires design and delivery. Actions for today, adjusted  for tomorrow. Get started.  Keep going. Move forward. Turn potential into reality.  

An effective team can deliver against all odds. Make time to reflect and work on team dynamics. Create space for  the human behind the professional. Go for it & grow with it. It is not about what you got to lose. What do you got to win? Win together. 

Transformation is personal, also in business. A learning mindset is a winning mindset. Your mindset defines your leadership journey. Your leadership needs to include curiosity, creativity, courage and care. You need clarity as your guide and confidence as your ground. Coach for choice, choose for change. 

Turning potential into reality with beyoUnd

BeyoUnd is about going and growing beyond, with attention for U. 
To achieve the full potential of your business, your team and yourself, you need to be aware of what is there and what could be there. Both in terms of supporting elements and hindering factors, in business, in teams and in yourself. Turn challenges into opportunities, and concerns into actions. Transformation requires action, even more than it requires planning or design. It requires more awareness and conscious choices everyday. 
Choices to allow you to go and grow!

How to?

Transformation & growth

Transformation is a word in fashion. It is often further complicated with the word digital. When it is time for a transformation there is no way back, only forward. Questions arise: where to start, how to, what does it mean for my business model, my workforce ...and my leadership? The focus is often too much on the part that implies technological adaptation & adoption and too little on the art and skill of transforming. A new way of doing business and working together changes the ways of working that have been there for a long time. It requires to make big things small to execute faster. A mindset of learning and delivery of growth. Technology is the engine to have in place. A collective learning mindset and a culture for change determine success. 

Team & culture

Transformational change is irreversible, there is no way back, only forward. This is true for business and people, they need to go hand in hand. Self awareness and situational awareness is where everyone can grow. Growth never ends. Learning is a journey. Everyone enjoys to learn more about themselves and others if there is a clear purpose for it, the environment is safe and it is kept light. Enabling your team to lead, learn and grow is the best investment if you want to transform your business and turn potential of business and people into reality. To make your culture work, you need to work on the culture. It starts with your leadership. Your team will follow you and exceed their own expectations in leading change forward. 

Your leadership journey 

Your behaviour consists of everyday choices, big and small, implicit and explicit. As a leader, everything you do sends a message, especially the things you don't do. Your journey is about increasing your self awareness and your understanding of others. Reflecting on and changing your own narrative provides you with new insights and offers you new choices. Change is a choice. Coaching is an investment in yourself with an immediate and a future pay-off. When was it really and only about you? Leadership in times of change requires you to take an approach of curiosity, creativity, courage and care. You need clarity to guide you forward and a healthy dose of confidence to ground you. Conscious choice, consistent change. 

Let's go and grow beyond with U! 

Every journey requires an unique approach in terms of content and facilitation, depending on where you are now and where you want to go. I will be honoured to bring all of my experience in strategy, transformation, coaching, facilitation and leadership to the table. You will bring your ambition, expertise, experiences, concerns and your whole self. Together we will find the right journey to embark on with clear choices, including timelines, ways of working and costs. Let's meet where you are, define where you want to go, design the journey together       
and start to turn potential into reality. Just go for it and grow with it.